こんにちは, My name is Paola.

My interests are: anime, art, music and some fashion. This is a multi-fandom blog, mixed with my personal interests :-D.

Please, feel free to ask me anything! I am a rather shy but accesible person, who will be more than happy to be your friend :-).


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Talos, once known as Tiber SeptimYsmir, or the Dragonborn, Heir to the Seat of Sundered Kings, is the greatest hero-god of Mankind, and is worshipped as the protector and patron of just rulership and civil society.


Thank you, Sasuke. 
Being able to live as your brother... made me... Happy.


I’d bet that after the war is over and all the shit is done and Sasuke is living at wherever he is, he would visit his brother’s grave every day or month or before his missions, and just chat with him to make up for all the times they couldn’t/wouldn’t be together.

And every time he will bring two cream colored tulips (it’s hard to see but they’re meant to be cream coloured) and take care of the area so it’s nice and clean.

Just… I cry over them so muuuUch it’s ridiculous. I just want them to be together and happy and healthy and alive again. I’ll make sure to draw more of them in happy scenarios. My heart is not fit for so much heartbreak.

* a cream tulip means I love you forever. 2 stalks mean You and I.


I’ve always liked the idea of villains as children, so here’s my favourite group, the Akatsuki as BABIES. I imagined this as being them graduating the academy and getting their pictures taken.

"If you want to be the last one standing, become strong.